Voces Suaves photo

11. 11. 2015

11. 11. 2015, Brestanica, Rajhenburg Castle

Voces Suaves photo

10. 11. 2015

10. 11. 2015, Maribor, Maribor Castle

Recording of Violino Fantastico - Académie baroque européenne d’Ambronay & Radio Antiqua Video

22. 9. 2015

This concert was the outcome of a pedagogical project combining the Ambronay Baroque Academy young instrumentalists, recruited all over Europe, and the Radio Antiqua musicians, an ensemble supported within the European project: eeemerging (Emerging European Ensembles). Together, they worked on this program during a training period at Collegio Ghisleri of Pavia under the pedagogical responsibility and the musical direction of Enrico Onofri. Violino Fantastico proposes an eclectic program honoring no less than five European composers from the end of the 17th century to the second half of the 18th century. 

Flanders Recorder Quartet photo

28. 8. 2015

28. 8. 2015, Turjak, Turjak Castle. Circa 1600. Variety at the turn of the century.

Musica Aeterna photo

25. 8. 2015

25. 8. 2015, Mokrice, Mokrice Castle. Il duello musicale (Glasbeni dvoboj). Capricornus versus Bertali

Edin Karamazov photo

14. 8. 2015

14. 8. 2015, Celje, Old Count`s Mansion. Johann Sebastian Bach. Original violin & original cello music transcribed for the lute