The most beautiful concerts of early music 
with top artists from all over the world 
in the most beautiful historical venues of Slovenia.


Today, the Seviqc programme is synonymous with early music in Slovenia. In more than four decades, it has strengthened its reputation at home as a development programme of national importance and ranked among the most important cultural events, while in the world it has created the status of an excellent and highly valued event and won recognition from artists, producers, professional critics, and the business world and music lovers. We invite only the most distinguished artists to the concerts of the Seviqc festival, who perform a top-quality programme of the highest quality. We attach great importance to the development of the local early music scene and strive to connect Slovenian artists with international ones. Through various program sections, we comprehensively present the European and world musical heritage from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century. In the foreground is living art, as our name Seviqc says: "SEmper VIva Quam Creata" or "always alive as created". The festival programme is designed exclusively in the manner of historical performance practice and takes place only in the venues of Slovenian cultural heritage.

We started the Seviqc programme in Radovljica in 1982 and, due to poor support, moved it to Brežice in 1997, from where it spread across a large part of Slovenia. Archives up to 1996 are lost, statistics from 1997 to the present are in the tables in the Programme description submenu. From 1997 to 2023, the programme was held at 134 venues in Slovenia (of which 109 were historical), 2,301 performers with 54 different nationalities performed 5,187 times. There were 25.35% of performers with Slovenian citizenship and 22.63% regarding the number of performances. Gender equality is high. We have never confirmed the programme according to the gender of the artists, but always only according to the programme proposals. This means that the early music scene itself has a gender balance and can be an example to other areas. Based on the number of performers, 50.11% were female and 51.44% based on the number of performances.

Seviqc 2024 program by events,
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Seviqc 2024 concept.

Member of REMA since 2003, holder of the EFFE label since 2015 and confirmed for 2024-2025, The Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts has been our honorary patron since 2014 and confirmed for 2024.

We build the development concept on three basic pillars: early music: encouragement to Slovenian performers, connecting Slovenian and international artists, top international performers, educational content (pre-beats, Seviqc Incubator, cooperation with schools), cultural heritage: concerts in cultural heritage venues, promotion of cultural heritage, cultural tourism: in 2023, 82.2% of visitors came from other areas (municipalities), the average for 2014-2023 is 71.7%. Tourist packages are being prepared, with which we will increase visits from other areas. Most of the concerts are held in Celje, which is well connected by rail to Ljubljana and Maribor. We place great emphasis on accessibility: many events have free entry, benefits from the Festival Lady Friends Club, a family package, free entry for companions with reduced mobility, special prices for groups. Read more.