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Rogaška Slatina has a centuries-long tradition, placing it among the oldest and most important health resorts in Slovenia and Europe. In 1803, the small village started to develop into a modern health center. First hotels were built in the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century: Hotel Zdraviliški Dom (today's Grand Hotel Rogaška Superior), Hotel Styria, Hotel Strossmayer, and the main Spa Hall (today's Crystal Hall).

The Grand Hotel's Crystal Hall is is the largest and most important cultural monument in Rogaška Slatina.

The original hall was built in the first half of the 19th century, during the renovation of Hotel Zdraviliški Dom. It was decorated with magnificent Venetian chandeliers, precious paintings, and impressive marble pillars. As soon as it was built, it began hosting famous names, most notably the world famous pianist Franz Liszt in 1846.

The Crystal Hall has hosted numerous concerts, recitals, theatre performances, and women's circles. The social highlight of every summer was the exclusive Anna's Ball. Hotel Zdraviliški Dom was destroyed by fire in 1910, but it had taken only two years before it was replaced by the new Grand Hotel Rogaška with its own Crystal Hall. The hall's major attraction is the collection of four oil paintings made by Austrian painter Schröter in 1912, depicting important landmarks and key people throughout the development of the Rogaška Health Resort. Also notable are five handmade chandeliers from the Steklarna Rogaška glass factory.

Today, the Crystal Hall still serves it original purpose. It provides an excellent venue for business events such as congresses, meetings, and education seminars. Its sophisticated equipment and good acoustic properties make it an ideal place to stage prominent concerts and organize balls. Even the most demanding newlyweds are mesmerized by luxurious wedding ceremonies in the magnificent Crystal Hall.

Predstavitev občine

The Municipality of Rogaška Slatina is located in the eastern part of Slovenia. The seat of the municipality, which includes local communities of Rogaška Slatina, Kostrivnica and St. Florian, has been in Rogaška Slatina since 1994. It is spread over three valleys along the Ratan and Irje streams, which both flow into the river Ločnica. It is surrounded by the hills of Boč (980 m), Plešivec (832 m), and Donačka gora (883 m) among others. Abundant forests create the warm and rather humid climate, which provide the Municipality with a pleasant sub-panonic climate with mild winters. On the slopes of the hills, up to 500 m above the sea level, grow various vine species.

Rogaška Slatina with its multi-century tourist history and a large volume of tourist traffic belongs among the oldest and most important tourist places in Slovenia. Restaurant, shops and service activities connected to the wellness industry have been along with it throughout the 19th century and the first quarter of the 20th century a decisive factor for the development of the community. Long lasting tourism development, which has due to the influence of different factors experienced multiple stages and fluctuations, effected the formation of a special Spa and tourism resort of the city of Rogaška Slatina and still has the effect on the appearance of the community today. The healing powers of the mineral water Donat Mg are the basis for therapeutic treatments of the famous medical centre Rogaška, supported by many years of tradition. Medical expertise and training of the personnel and design of programmes to suit the individual are the guarantees for high quality of services.

The wells of Rogaška have been renowned since the antiquity. In the medieval times they were surrounded by a wall which bore the inscription that the springs have healing powers: “for ill persons I have erected a wall”. The miraculous water from Rogaška was first analyzed by alchemists in the 16th century. In the middle of the 17th century the water from the Rogaška well healed the Governor of Croatia, the Count Peter Zrinjski. When at the begging of the 19th century the property was bought by provincial governments of Styria, led by the Governor General of the province Count Attems, the popularity of the spa grew. It quickly developed in the most important holiday resort of the southern part of the Hapsburg Monarchy and the water from the well of Rogaška became the third most popular water in the world.

The main attraction of Rogaška Slatina is the heart of the Spa resort with its promenade which is the green heart of the Spa resort’s complex. A walk through the heart of the Health resort is a relaxing experience, which is at the same time filled with excitement. The tour can be started by the Tempel pavilion, which was built on top of the old spring which was named simply “The main spring”. The representative spring used to be a spatial dominant of the valley and the centre of the social life. In this part of the promenade one can also stop by the weather house, visit the statue of St. Janez Nepomuk and the monument of count Attems (the founder of the Spa), drinking hall of mineral waters, the chapel of St. Ana, natural rare sights such as tree Ginkgo Biloba and Forest spring, admire the former unique classicistic “Zdraviliški dom” health house (today known as Grand hotel Rogaška) with it’s wonderful famous Crystal hall and visit the winged horse Pegasus, which discovered the springs of Rogaška. The newest sightseeing point is Ana’s Mansion – Cultural Touristic centre, where one can relive the history, feel the tradition and discover the main attractions of the city through five collections: Glasswork collection, Graphics collection, Local studies collection, Park collection and Water collection. Travelers can also visit smaller hills around the thermal health resort complex: Bellevue, the Cvetlični, Tržaški and Tavčar hills, Janina and Rodne. The surroundings area offers also other exciting sights such as: the unique collection of cacti, production at Glassworks Rogaška, cosmetic company Afrodita, Organ-building Škrabl, many restaurants and touristic farms will discover also their gastronomic delights and make sure to convince one to return again and again.

Rogaška Slatina has always been a place which offered its visitors a little more than ordinary. Along with a wide range of medical and wellness programs, Rogaška Slatina also offered a rich cultural life. In the approaching summer time, city prepares a number of events, among which we highlight in the month of July “Festival Pranger” (poets and writers meeting), “Summer with Anna” (Anna’s dance, concerts and art workshops), Promenade concerts in the Tempel pavilion, main event in favour of municipality holiday and in August “Festival Musica” (concerts of famous and lesser known musicians from Slovenia and abroad.

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